What is Meditation?


Energy, Strength and Vigour

Happiness and Peace of Mind

Reduces Stress and Tension

Reduces Fear, Worry or Anxiety

Good Health & Wellbeing

Blood Pressure

Pain Management & relief

Confidence and Self Esteem

Brain Function

Attention and Concentration


Enhances a Deeper Level of Relaxation and Contemplation

Develops Intuition

Meditation can be taught either on a one-to-one basis or within a group environment.

Meditation is a practice of relaxed body and concentrated, focused mind. Quite apart from stress relief, meditation can bring about deep fundamental changes in very positive ways.

Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, and mental state promoting good health and wellbeing.

There are now many evidence based studies which state that Meditation is very healing. It promotes positivity, reduces stress, negative thinking along with old outdated limiting beliefs.

The practice of meditation can change a person’s attitudes on many different levels resulting in positive mental and emotional shifts. This can empower an individual enabling them to approach any issues or difficulties in a much more calm and relaxed way. A person can become more focused, more productive and more creative in all aspects of their life whether it is at home, within the work place or studying at school. This is conducive of a happier, healthier more balanced existence.

The benefits to children are the same as for adults. Through learning to meditate and gradually developing their ability to focus and concentrate, a child’s attention span improves, as does their general ability to study, to take on board and retain information. Meditation can enhance a child’s performance in sports for example and increase their awareness and enjoyment in hobbies and interests.

Through meditation both adults and children can become more aware of their own compassionate nature as well as their ability to tune-in to themselves. To relax and be safe, finding a safe space deep within. Meditation can be beneficial to individuals of all age groups and from all walks of life as well as to society on a whole.

Even though there are several structured forms of meditation today, the history of meditation goes back thousands of years. There are many different names and descriptions used to characterise various forms of meditation, dependent upon culture, tradition and belief systems. Here are a few, which you may be familiar with:- Simple Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Focused Relaxation, Stilling, Prayer, Yoga, Breath Watching, Zen Meditation, Yoni Mudra, Transcendental Meditation, Relaxed Mindfulness, Spiritual Practice. All of these are based upon the same principals of self discipline and personal practice in order to promote mindfulness, wellbeing, personal development and a positive connection to all that ‘is’.

Anne-Marie Swires HPD, Dip LC, (Med Teach) GHR Reg. is a Therapist and Qualified Meditation Teacher, with many years experience, working with clientele throughout the UK.